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School Rules!

educationPursuing an education is one of the smartest investments you can make. Across the board, it's a proven statistic that people with a college diploma or two earn WAY more than folks with a high school diploma or less. As in any choice you make in life, you may find that your passion for saving the dolphins won't pay as much as a position with a hot money market fund. But if the amount you have in the bank drives you, you'll want to check out our Savings Calculator to find out what kind of money it takes to be a millionaire (and no, you don't need to hang out with Regis Philbin).

Get to the bottom of things

While you may be a bottomless pit when it comes to food, there's no such animal when it comes to money. Every one of us has our financial limits. Getting that coveted degree is going to take plenty of money and strategic planning. A glance at our School Budget Worksheet will give you an indication of the plans you're going to have to make.

Spin the wheel of choice!

Selecting the educational environment that's right for you is as overwhelming as ordering coffee these days (caf, decaf, half-caf, tall, short, latte). You've got private schools, public schools, four-year colleges and universities, community colleges, technical and junior colleges, and vocational institutions to pick from. How do you decide which one's for you?

Toss your hat in the ring

Each school has a unique application process and set of entrance requirements. Some may require entrance exams, applications, and a host of other paperwork. Link to Mastering Applications and Tests and we'll help you blow through the process seamlessly.

Do the right thing… for you

The decision of whether or not to go to college is much more than deciding whether or not to get your ear pierced. If you sincerely believe you've got more to learn or you want to jump-start a career, going to school makes a lot of sense. However, people decide to go to school for plenty of other reasons. Click on The Reasons to see if any apply to you.

Dollars for scholars!

There are plenty of ways to pay for school other than writing a check for payment in full. Using other people's money--scholarships, private loans and government loans and grants, loans from family members, and "plastic" loans (a.k.a. Visa, Discover, MasterCard) can get through four or more years of higher education. Check out the differences between these financing tools.

Work hard and play hard

Of course, there will be days that you feel your time spent in school is endless--especially sitting for finals or statistics class. But the time you spend there is actually quite precious and be sure to maximize your time and your impact.

Aaah, the language of money

Words like "forbearance" and "deferment" can sound like something out of Chaucer. It's olde English to me! Luckily for you, we've put together aglossary of terms to help even those folks who are new to "money-speak" get comfortable talking about finances.