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Thinking of Buying a Car?

At GetApproved we believe that the process of buying a car doesn't have to be overwhelming. There are a lot of choices to make, and we're here to help you sift through the pros and cons of buying or leasing, help you identify a monthly payment plan that won't force you to live on ramen noodles, and make sure you get the most for your hard-earned dollars.

But first you need to ask yourself a few questions.

Sorting through these questions will help you focus on the car that's right for you.

drivingWhat about the car I've already got?

The possibilities are endless

Know what it's worth

What kind of car can I afford with what I have to spend?

We'll do the math

We'll even figure out your monthly payment

Should I lease or should I buy?

Learn "car talk," it'll help

Should I buy new or used?

Now that you know whether you want to buy or lease, we'll help you take that next step.

Making the deal can be the most exciting part of getting a car. First, do a little research and find out the fair market value of the car you want, the cost of the options (power windows, A/C, cup-holder, matching sunglasses), and now you're ready to showoff. For extra credit, we suggest:

How will I know if I'm buying a lemon or not?

No need to squeeze and smell any longer -- there are some simple tests you can give your soon-to-be car to make sure it'll give you a good ride.

Checking Out a New or Used Car – will provide you with a checklist of tests.
Troublesome Cars
– will warn you about models with the worst repair histories. You can also avoid buying problem cars and verify a clean history with Carfax and if you want to take a new model for more than a 10 minute test drive, you can always try renting the model of your dreams.

It never hurts to talk to your trusted mechanic either. Mechanics repair cars all day, so they know which models they see more often. If you're really clever, you'll make a date for your mechanic to meet that used car of your dreams, before you buy it. They may often ‘put it up on the rack' for free, if you're a good customer. Even if they charge a small fee for a thorough inspection, it's worth it to sleep at night without hearing that oil drip.